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The best way to request a new patient appointment is by filling out this form below:

What to Expect at your Initial Visit:

Day 1:
Consultation: During the consultation, we dive deep into what you (or your little one) is experiencing health wise. We look at physical, chemical, and emotional stress and ask meaningful questions regarding your overall health. We like to get all the details during the consultation so we can educate you accordingly and help you reach your health goals.

Nervous system scans: At the office, we use CLA Insight Scanning technology. This technology is great for giving us metrics to what is going on at a deeper level than just the symptoms. These scans measure the nervous system in three different ways through thermal energy, EMG, and HRV. This data allows us to show you how chiropractic care may benefit your lifestyle and overall health.

Day 2:
Going over your action plan: On your second office visit, we will show you the results of your nervous system scans! We never want to guess when it comes to your health, so we utilize this to understand what's fully going on. We go over the details on how it relates to how your body is functioning, and we will go over your specialized plan according to your history + scans. We will discuss how we can help, how long it will take, and how much care will cost.

Your first adjustment! Now it's time for your adjustment! We do a full assessment of the body and see what it needs that day. Dr. Brandi uses her hands and various tools for the adjustment depending on what the body needs and what the practice member prefers. She will walk you through everything she is doing and assure that your first adjustment with her is as comfortable as possible. When you leave, that is where the healing happens! She will send you home with some post-adjustment instructions after we schedule your next visit.

Dr. Brandi does not accept insurance, but she can provide a superbill for you to submit to insurance. Dr. Brandi accepts cash or card and does offer family plans. Contact her to find out pricing for chiropractic care for the whole family!

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