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"Do you accept insurance?"
- We are not in network with any insurances, however, we do offer cash prices that are cheaper than most insurance co-pays. Dr. Brandi can also provide you with a "superbill" which can be submitted to your insurance. You can contact your insurance to see if they will reimburse you for any care received based off of the superbill.

"Do I need a doctor's referral?"
- In the state of Tennessee, a referral is not needed to see a chiropractor.

"Will you take X-rays?"
- If X-rays are deemed necessary after your exam, you will be referred out for imaging before treatment begins.

"What age can a baby start getting adjusted?"
- Babies can get adjusted as soon as minutes after being delivered. Chiropractic care for newborns is extremely gentle and safe, and the pressure used on them is the amount of testing a ripe avocado. Birth is a tough process for mom and baby to go through so it's important that they get checked afterwards.

"Does getting adjusted hurt?"
- Getting adjusted for most people is comfortable and relieving, and the techniques Dr. Brandi uses are very gentle. There is a lot of stress that can become built up in the body, and the goal with consistent care is to ease this tension on the nervous system. After getting adjusted, it is normal to have soreness due to the release of toxins from the spine, muscles, and tissues. We always recommend drinking a lot of water after adjustments to help flush this out of the system. 

"How long does it take before I start seeing results?"
- This is a question we get a lot. Everyone's body responds differently to treatment. Some people start feeling better after the first adjustment, then notice the symptoms start to come back. The biggest thing I express to patients is that there is no process in the body that doesn't take time. It took a period of time for the body to get to where it is at, so it takes time to unwind that pattern and work through it's stresses and symptoms. With consistency and time, the body has an amazing capability to heal, and this could take weeks, months, or even years depending on the person and condition. Dr. Brandi takes a specialized approach with each patient for them to achieve the best possible result.

"Why do I have to keep coming back to the chiropractor?"
- After initial care with us, we always recommend maintenance care. The reason we believe this is important is because the body goes through physical, chemical, and emotional stresses everyday that adds tension to the nervous system. Getting adjusted regularly may enable your nervous system to function at it's highest potential. As we know, the nervous system controls everything, so it's super important this is checked regularly! This is the same as going to the dentist regularly to get your teeth cleaned/checked or getting your car checked by a mechanic to make sure it's running properly.

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